Where can you buy ED pills in Las Vegas?

Original ED drugs are always expensive in Las Vegas because they include the manufacturer’s costs not only at successful research but other samples that have not shown the required effectiveness. However, after the patent term’s expiration, the prices for ED drugs should fall two to five times due to competition with quality generics. But you can not wait for this and buy generics right now.

Las Vegas Pharmacy (Rank: 4.8)

https://www.lasvegaspharm.com/2600 W Sahara Ave Ste 120, Las Vegas, NV 89102, United States | (702) 220-3906

  • All I can say Las Vegas Pharmacy is just one of the slowest pharmacies I’ve ever been to. And usually, they have multiple people behind the counter, so I don’t know what the excuse is here.
  • Sunday, around 8:59 am October 13, 2019. Worst experience ever from a Pharmacy. I just left the Edmonds Pharmacy as the Cashier was very inattentive, nonchalant, and displayed unfriendly acknowledging of customer presence. We pulled up, and she turned her back while engaging frontward in convo with a coworker. I attempted to reach out to the pullout to place the prescription, and the Cashier turned around 90 degrees without verbal contact with me or any acknowledgment while opening the receiving dispenser. After being treated so aide, I requested the prescription back as I decided I did not want to deal with her unpleasant attitude as I had just left the emergency room with a sick daughter and just didn’t feel like being treated any kind of way by anyone. This employee needs to be reprimanded and not allowed to engage any customers at a pharmacy, especially those who are sick or ill or with their family members who have to deal with their illness and do not need to be presented with a foul unpleasant attitude. People need to learn to treat people in a kind, pleasant manner.

ViaQX Pharmacy (Rank: 3.3)

https://viaqx.com/ | 1180 E Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89119, United States | (702) 836-9119

  • I’ve been coming here for a year, including the transition to Viaqx. Few problems, all resolved efficiently. Good staff, even when busy.
  • Not a bad business. Great for medical purposes and items. The people who greet you are nice, caring, and helpful. The only thing that distraught me is the pharmacist does not seem to have any interest in interacting with the customers; even when asked a direct question, he completely ignored me. That’s a first from a pharmacist for me.

QHR Pharmacy (Rank: 4.9)

https://www.qhrpharmacylv.com/7512 Westcliff Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89145, United States | (702) 331-6796

  • QHR Pharmacy is a local pharmacy. They have a nice convenience store and pharmacy. This is a location they inherited from a buyout, so it’s an older building, but it has good service and okay prices.
  • This is the worst pharmacy. Every month I fill the same prescription. When I go in to pick it up, they tell me, “there is nothing filled for me”. It took me 4 trips in July before they had it filled. It took 2 trips in August.

Benzer Pharmacy (Rank: 3.0)

https://www.benzerpharmacy.com/3035 S Maryland Pkwy Ste 120, Las Vegas, NV 89109, United States | (702) 891-0365

  • Poor experience today. Upon entering the store shopping for a gift for my Mom, I was immediately greeted by the Manager (African American with salt and pepper beard). I believe, if not, he should be. He asked if he could help me find something and walked me over to show the product. I then walked over to where the gift (wigs) was on hold. The African American ladies there ignored me after several attempts to get their attention. Tanner walked over and politely asked, “how could I help you”. One of the rude African American ladies pointed tanner to where the gift was on hold. No smile, no sorry, did not hear you, anything!!! My Mom lived in Canton and bragged highly on Benzer Pharmacy. She insisted that I purchase one of her gifts from there. If it was not for her insistence, I would have never purchased it here. I know sometimes we hire help for business’ sake, but sometimes Customer Service can go along way if you have the right people in the right position. These two ladies should be trained by the Two Young men I spoke early about. And also on Unconscious Bias Compliance, especially in the sensitive times we live.
  • While the pharmacy staff works diligently to accommodate the needs of the customers… they are obviously extremely understaffed and overwhelmed. We will be moving our prescriptions to another pharmacy!
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