Are Mobile Mechanics Cheaper Than Garages

There are many advantages which are offered by mobile mechanics.  One of the most commonly asked questions is whether mobile mechanics are cheaper than garage auto repair shops?  For the most part they are for any number of reasons.  The main one of course is the price.  They have fewer overheads and expenses so that doesn’t need to be passed on to the customer.  We sourced the following article which covers this topic in detail.


Why Are Mobile Mechanics Cheaper Than Garages?

mobile diesel mechanic workingFirstly this article applies to main dealer servicing not independent garages as I only have main dealer experience. That said, however, in principle it should equally apply in some circumstances.

The first experience you may have as a customer is when buying your car initially from your local dealer. Later on you may choose to bring the car back to the dealership for its annual service. There is nothing wrong with this most new car customers choose to do this. The best place for your car is the dealer you bought it from right? Not necessarily actually. Let me explain why so.

Car dealer X relies on its brand image to retain its customers new and old. It also relies on the myth or lack of knowledge out there amongst the general car buying public that for the first years of a vehicles WARRANTABLE life you must use their service department to keep your warranty valid. Here this myth is busted! Block exemption rules (please see Wikipedia for more details) mean that YOU as a customer can have your car serviced at any professional garage or mobile mechanic service as long as you obtain your service book stamp, use genuine parts and keep your invoices if any. I wont delve into the nitty gritty of block exemption regulations here as it is not relevant. As long as people are aware that they have a choice other than their main dealer that is the main purpose of this article.

There are pro`s and con`s to servicing at your main dealer and these apply to non dealer servicing also. Obviously the main benefit is reduced servicing costs. My own mobile mechanic service Car Solutions charges just £40 per hour for all jobs large or small. I’m sure that you would agree that paying less for the same standard of work is win win for the consumer. Without listing in verbatim any other benefits or non benefits I will leave that choice up to you after all its your car. What I would say though is choose your non main dealer carefully. Perhaps ask friends and relations who they use. Maybe they use main dealers also. Some might use another garage who is cheaper or a mobile guy like me. It could be that You may need to do some more homework to find a cheaper alternative but once you find either a mobile mechanic or a garage that you trust there really is no need to go back to a main dealer unless you have to book in for warranty work which would be of no cost to yourselves.  So by now your are beginning to understand why mobile mechanics are cheaper than garages.


Another Reason Why Mobile Mechanics Are Cheaper Than Garages

The last part of this article need only apply if you are facing a large bill because a) your hell bent on using a main dealer or b) if you really have no option i.e. your non main dealer Garage Y “cannot diagnose complex faults, we need special dealer only tools etc” that type of scenario. Assuming your car is out of warranty or certain items are not covered by manufacturer warranty you will need to follow these simple guidelines:

Book the car in for a minimum of 1 hours Diagnostic Time. If you don`t do this they may end up charging more! Make sure that you read the small print when they ask you to sign the jobcard it may state that you are signing for a minimum amount of labour charge etc. And make your that you get them to ring you if anything over the initial hour is required and especially if parts will be required.

Ask to see manufacturers repair times to ensure that you are not being overcharged. Manufacturer times are concrete. The manufacturer times are not very realistic though so expect the dealer to add some time on top. Make sure that you try to establish a named person from the moment you bring your car in to the dealer. There is nothing worse than being passed from pillar to post.

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